Know Me

"Do you wish to know me?" she whispers solemnly into the cool night. Only a gently sigh answers her call. Dead leaves flutter listlessly, dancing to the tune of pre-storm wind. Broken pieces, lighter than the rest float free from diminutive maelstroms, hurling themselves toward an uncertain future. Lost, they drift... away. The first drops... Continue Reading →


The Dying

Sheltered hearts break apart in the silence before they even recognize the danger. A million small cries begin to rise, only to be immediately extinguished. Their echoes bounce and repeat like wailing ghosts fading in and out of existence. Their laments live on, in the minds of all who were there to hear, forever rummaging... Continue Reading →


Like a symphony, playing perfectly in concert. No instrument drowning out another; no gratuitous sounds or silences. Beautiful synchronicity. The conductor, tall and imposing, swept along by passion, yet never losing his place. His sense of self and obligation, a source of unending strength to all who behold him. Love, a melody that consumes me... Continue Reading →


I fantasize about the simple pleasures of a life lived in concert with another. Hearing you behind me, as I stare out a window, lost in thought. Your warm hands on my bare shoulders, sliding down my arms, as you place your lips on the side of my neck. Naturally leaning to the side to... Continue Reading →


One moment, I believe in the potential reality of pursued dreams. I feel the uplifting freedom of possibility. The intoxicating rush of falling headlong into the unknown, secure in the knowledge of a safe landing. Where you are, where you will catch me always. Cloud vapor collects on my lashes and forms tears which stream... Continue Reading →


It is not a game to be pulled apart. Every thread that makes you, falling in drifts as they are tugged free. Memories, scattered like confetti made of glass shards and metal scraps. Hopes and dreams, fantasies and desires, colorful glints among the refuse. Salted tears mix with the coppery scent of blood, which pools... Continue Reading →


Filtered moonlight cascades through shuttered windows, painting the age-darkened floor in flickering ribbons of white. The still air smells of pipe smoke, leather, and ancient vellum. Comforting, warm, and familiar. Though unseen in the relative dark, bookshelves tower several meters high, nearly encompassing the entire room, save the only door, a bay of windows, and... Continue Reading →


The sound is deafening, felling walls. Crashing to the ground, shattering once more into the millions of memories and promises they once were. Next, fall fears and inhibitions; nothing is sacrosanct to this rising tide. Stories learned as children; silly things and dark dreams that haunt unwary players. Nights are long wrapped in the embrace... Continue Reading →


We lack the ears to hear, and the mind to understand. So, we cannot hear, and even if we could, it would be unintelligible. What are we so afraid of that we lack the capacity to believe in fundamental truths? This is far more complex than it seems on the surface. In reality, in ourselves,... Continue Reading →

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